Every fifth of medicine from India fake

American experts advise to be careful with medicines produced in India. In recent times, companies often falsify research results and sell ineffective drugs on the markets of other countries, writes The Almagest. So, officials have banned the sale of alternative antibiotic Cipro, anesthetic Neurontin, anti-acne Accutane.

Recent studies have shown that in India there are serious problems with the control of the pharmaceutical market. Some companies are negligent to the quality of drugs. However, production is really impressive: only in America Indian drugs account for 40% of all generics.

Global validation touched more than a hundred Indian companies producing medicines. Suffered company Ranbaxy. Last year she paid a fine of half a billion dollars for the detected violation.

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The production of medicines is one of the main sources of income in India. Every year the country produces funds in the amount of 15 billion dollars. However, in the near future this number may be reduced by: every fifth tool produced in this market, is a fake.

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