Every decade people are getting smarter

Researchers from king's College London have established with each decade, the average IQ of humanity increases by a few points. Data were established during the analysis of the results of the IQ tests. Participation in the study took 200 thousand people, and the comparative analysis took 64 years.

It turned out, the human brain is still in the process of progressive evolution, structure become more complex, which allows us to tackle more complex tasks. According to the obtained results, for 64 years, the average IQ has increased by 20 points.

You can make the assumption that what caused the growth of intelligence in humans. Scientists attributed this phenomenon to improve the quality of education, medical care. During the last decades several times increased the amount of environmental information that will be treated.

Some experts attribute the growth of intellect with changing the system of education of children and the effect on the human factors of the external environment.

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