Every child - Prodigy, the German neurologist

Every child is a genius, the question is to realise the potential of Prodigy, time to find his special abilities, convinces the German neurologist Gerald, Guter. The issues related to the proper upbringing of the little geniuses dedicated to the book of Hutera "the Role of parents and schools in identifying children's talent".

In their study, the scientist insists that it is impossible to downplay the possibility of a child with developmental disabilities.

In today's schools, where often confuse the concept of giftedness and talent with good balls, the genius of the child may not be disclosed, explains the scientist. So, to prevent this from happening, a neurologist from the German city of göttingen encourages schools to appreciate the natural enthusiasm of the children. This aspect cannot be measured by tests, assessments or exams. Furthermore, it should be encouraged children to knowledge in any one of a region of interest. According to the author of the book, the main goal of teachers should be efforts on the detection of hidden talents in the child. Even indifferent at first glance, students should be encouraged to dig deeper into topics or something.

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The scientist points out, as the results of neurological studies, when the students are really interested in a topic, they quickly accumulate and reproduce knowledge and information deposited in their memory.

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