Ever warn of heart attack

Want to know whether you face a heart attack? Go to the mirror and look at your eyelids, yellow obrazovanie on their skin and around talking about cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers from Denmark conducted a study, which was attended by 13,000 people found that people with xanthelasma are at risk of death from cardiovascular disease in the next ten years.

These spots xanthelasma - cholesterol deposits, completely painless, does not affect vision and may even be treated by a dermatologist. However, such spots is a 48 percent chance of dying from a heart attack and a 39 percent chance that you will develop heart disease.

Although women are less prone to heart disease than men, both sexes after the age of 55 with yellow stains around the eyes are approximately equal danger.

Dermatologists should take discovery scientists note and warn about the dangers of the patients who came to him with xanthelasma.

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