Even a small dose of beer cause damage to the human brain

Scientists from Spain, it was found that a dose of 1.5 L. such as drink beer or 3 glasses of wine slows down brain activity.

In experiment involved 2 groups of University students, one of whom never drank alcoholic beverages, and the second group drank 1.5 liters. alcoholic drink per week. Eventually it was revealed that brain activity in both groups was almost the same level, the difference was only that the brain of those who drank produced work in heavy conditions.

The results of the study showed the following numbers: the highest activity among those who did not consume alcohol, turned 18 microvolts, those who drank 20 microvolts. According to scientists, when the brain is in the increased activity can cause problems with the nervous system.

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By the way, earlier in 2010, the German researchers found that alcohol has a negative impact on the human brain already after 6 minutes after the man drank

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