Even a healthy body, a pack of cigarettes a day causes significant harm

From the point of view of the possible development of cancer plays a major role lifestyle. You can, for example, one and a half times to lower the risk of stomach cancer by reducing the amount of meat and replace it with vegetables. And to increase the risk of lung cancer is 20 times possible, if during the day to smoke a pack of cigarettes. This data leads Mikhail Davydov, chief oncologist of Russia, doctor of the Russian Oncology centre name Blokhin.

If you look at the statistics, in Russia lung cancer among the male part of the population prevalence is in the first place. The treatment of this disease can be, but only if detected it in the early stages, said RIA "Novosti". Cancer is a disease resulting from mutations of the gene, says Mikhail Davydov. It happens, usually on the background of various chronic inflammatory processes. It is impossible in such cases to exclude and heredity.

Patients mostly quite elderly, chronic diseases accumulate them for many years, and this creates the perfect conditions for the affected epithelium turned into cancer cells. It is very desirable to 50 years of age every person regularly, at least once in the year he was examined by an oncologist. Women need to visit a specialist, a gynecologist, proctologist, men - to look at the colon, stomach, prostate gland.

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