Evaluation of a person by his appearance factor, laid down by the process of evolution

Scientists from Harvard University have proven that even a small child can assess a person's character based on his appearance. Three-year-old at a glance, to characterize a person writes Sharasa May. The study argues that social interaction is not always necessary extensive experience of communicating with people. Some of the information already given by nature.

The data were confirmed in a study involving 141 child and 99 adults. The age of the children ranged from three to ten years. Participants in the study were asked to rate the traits of strangers, on the basis of their appearance. The evaluation was conducted, such as dominance, competence and reliability.

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Research has shown that adults and children can tell which person is pleasant. But children, not surprisingly, were less logical and consistent in their judgments. But this did not prevent them to accurately determine the character of a stranger. By the age of seven years the skill of determining the nature of the appearance was developed. Best children determined the trustworthiness of a stranger (can you trust a specific person or not).

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