Euthanasia at home ready to spend Dutch doctors

One of the Dutch clinics, conducting euthanasia, formed six mobile teams to conduct euthanasia at home client, informs "Interfax". Patients who have decided to retire from life, can now use the call "brigade of death" directly to your house.

It is assumed that the use of doctors of this clinic will use those doctors were denied euthanasia, says the representative of society "Right to die" Walburga de Jong.

Individuals subjected clinic criticized. According to them, this novelty absolutely illegal, because only a doctor can give an accurate determination of whether the patient is "in stock" chance of a successful recovery.

In this case, it is worth mentioning that the Netherlands is the first country to legalize euthanasia. This event occurred in 2002. More than 3 thousand people every year from now on voluntarily go into another world. Today, euthanasia is legal in several European countries.

These countries include, for example, Germany and Sweden. And Swiss authorities even started talking about the unusual form of medical tourism, which flourished in the country after it was legalized euthanasia.

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