Europe's population is rapidly gaining weight

Scientists give disappointing data. By 2030 in Europe 90% of men and 84% of women will be obese. Data are based on a statistical model of Dr. Laura Webber. The model includes information about the average body mass Index and the percentage of people with obesity at a given time in the 53 countries in the European region.

Soon obesity will cover all European countries. Worst hit will be the inhabitants of Ireland, where the prevalence of obesity among men will reach 90%. In the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain obesity will be determined in 80% of the population in the UK is 75%. The least of the problems with excess weight will affect the Netherlands and Belgium.

By 2030, scientists believe, will come the era of total adiposity. Indicators of excess weight go up in all European countries. To prevent problems with the health of the whole population needs urgent action. Otherwise, even the most perfect medicine will not be able to save you from chronic diseases and premature death.

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