European scientists have discovered how the physique is associated with brain size

Scientists from Europe were able to establish the relationship between excess weight and volume of the human brain. According to the publication Eurek Alert, this relationship was identified in the course of the experiment, which consisted of about 10 thousand people over the age of 55 years. Of these, 19% were susceptible to obesity.

First of all there was carried out measurement of the fraction of fat in the body of the volunteer, as well as the parameters of the body – waist and hips. In addition, subjects were required to record in the questionnaire own attitude to Smoking of tobacco products, the level of commitment to sports, age, and blood pressure.

Then, through MRI studies in the brain of each participants set the amount of white and gray matter. Thus, it has found that the brains of people with increased body mass index was less bulky than the people of a sports Constitution.

According to scientists, the "beer" belly, it's safe to call it an indicator of the low content of gray matter in the brain.

Gray matter is the cortex of the cerebellum and fills the big hemispheres and deep brain structures. It participates in the process of muscle control, perception and self-control, at that time, as the functionality of white matter contrast grey.

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