Europe remains to make the last step in the fight against tobacco

European smokers expect even the worst of times. Soon, bundles produced in Europe cigarettes will be decorated with a variety of warnings saying how deadly diseases susceptible smoker, reports MEDdaily.

If this initiative is adopted, then soon 75% of the area on the pack of cigarettes will be allocated for graphics, instead of the current 30 %. Thus, for a brand of cigarettes will remain only 25 percent.

The members of the European Commission argue that in 50 cases out of 100, Smoking kills and causes addiction. To reduce this indicator was proposed to ban the production and sale of cigarettes with different flavors (e.g., menthol), and thin cigarettes, the main consumers are young people.

While France and Britain have gone further: they are going to introduce a complete ban on cigarettes the packages of which is their brand. Tobacco companies are afraid that soon the same fate will happen to the markets of Asia and Africa, which are currently growing. Anyway, for the full implementation of similar rules in the European Union will require not less than 2 years.

Last year, the European Union was sold 576 billion cigarettes. If we compare this figure with 2007, it appears that the figure has dropped by almost $ 100 billion. These figures were disclosed by the company Philip Morris.

And yet, according to who, Europe remains in the list of leaders on tobacco consumption per capita.

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