Europe introduces a new series of Smoking bans

Authorities of Europe have a new goal - to reduce the number of smokers to 2.4 million people. The Parliament has introduced new rules, writes the BBC. The size of the warning labels increased to 65% of the area of cigarette packs, prohibited the sale of cigarettes with menthol and aromatic additives.

In addition, the European Union banned petite ladies tutu. Cigarette pack should include a minimum of 20 cigarettes and have sufficient area to accommodate a warning message. Information about the harm must be published on all tobacco products, including pipe tobacco and tobacco for rolling cigarettes. You can now use the expression, hinting that this product is safer than the other.

The law affected and electronic cigarettes. Set the threshold of the maximum concentration of nicotine these devices. One of the main directions of the new policy on combating counterfeiting and illegal trade in cigarettes.

The documents will be signed in March, and the law will come into full effect in may of this year. Improvements should reduce the number of cigarettes consumed by 2% in the next five years.

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