Estonians in second place in the EU on deaths from alcoholism

Estonia ranks second in the EU in female mortality from alcoholism. The first line of this ill-fated ranked Romania. In addition, Estonia and took second place after Latvia - male mortality from this dependence, Regnum news Agency reported, citing official data from the who report.

It should be noted that in 2004 from a variety of diseases that were caused by alcoholism, died eighteen thousand Estonian citizens, and the mortality rate among women from such diseases is about twelve percent, and among men - twenty-seven percent.

Statistics show that in Estonia dependent on alcoholic drinks about eight percent of the people among the female population and thirty-one percent among men. "Female" notorious figure in Estonian citizens took 2nd place in the EU after Latvia, but "male" - 3rd place after Lithuania and Latvia.

In Estonia, the consumption of alcohol is just over fourteen liters per capita, and this figure is almost two and a half liters of above average across the EU. EU consumption of alcohol per capita exceeds twice the global average, which is equal to 6.1 liter. The use of alcoholic beverages in the EU occupies the 3rd place in the causes of death after Smoking and hypertension.

As shown by data from the who report, in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (the former social camp, but the southern Balkans and CIS countries) traced the worst statistics on consumption of alcohol, deaths and alcohol-induced diseases.

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