Established drug for the treatment of sleep disorders without side effects

New tablets sleeplessness are to become a true revolutionary breakthrough in the field of pharmacology. They are able to provide quality sleep, without causing side effects. The drug, which has already been tested on animals, gives the opportunity to Wake up with a clear head, while ordinary sleeping pills leave some kind of dope in my head in the morning. A new drug has the working title of DORA-22, a its action is completely different from other similar products. According to the developers, the discovery of this drug marks a new era in the fight against insomnia.

In recent years, doctors prescribed drugs for insomnia patients, while the latter refrained from using them, because they had a lot of side effects. The most common are: decreased concentration, a feeling of lethargy and a kind of hangover after waking up. And in this state, people have every day to go to work, drive a car or to supervise children. Like the state is dangerous both for themselves and for the health of others.

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The past generation of sleeping pills is based on a substance GABA, which has a calming effect on the brain. The new drug acts on orexin, which helps the brain to Wake up. During testing on rodents, it was found that those rats who were given a pacifier, woke up earlier than those who were given sleeping pills. And when rodents were given sleeping pills of the past generation, the next day they were observed problems with memory and concentration, compared with those who were given DORA-22.

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