Essential oils - the key shop

The essential oil is selected blend of vegetable materials of liquid volatiles. They are quite popular products, because the range of their use is quite wide.

Essential oils, like vegetable widely used in cosmetology and cosmetics. This is due to the healing and nourishing properties which they possess. Used in cosmetology After a number of scientific studies have proven the positive effects of essential oils on human skin. In this regard, they are used extensively in the manufacture of creams and cosmetics.

There is a distribution of oils for different purposes. For example, there are essential oils for the hair, which include olive to increase their strength and removing waterproof makeup, and coconut will add Shine and protect from negative influence of environment.

Jojoba oil is versatile and suitable for any beauty products.

Peppermint is widely used in lipsticks and balms. In cosmetology essential oils are not used in pure form, as there is likely to get irritation.

First of all, you need to check for the presence of Allergy to a certain type of oil. Put a drop on your hand and wait 12 hours. After this time check the result, if the plot a little blush - this is a normal reaction, but in case of discomfort, itching or prolonged redness do not use this oil for cosmetic purposes.

Remember that invigorating essential oils before bedtime do not use. Essential oil can be added to the composition of low-molecular-weight cream, strictly observing the proportions. You can make a face mask by adding the composition of the base oil a certain amount suitable for your skin is essential, carefully mix until smooth. To carry out such procedures should be no more than 2-3 times a week.

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Steam bath for the face are quite popular method for skin care. For this procedure you need to add essential oil in boiling water, the temperature of which should be 36-40 °C. rinse carefully to close my eyes. Thus, from the foregoing discussion suggests a definite conclusion, the essence of which is to confirm the positive effects of essential oils on the skin and hair, however, for safe use, you need to strictly follow the dosage, and also to pick up the oil to suit your skin type.

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