Essential oils and the benefits are

Already in ancient times known the healing properties of essential oils. Still the kings of ancient Egypt, India and the East have used them to improve, strengthen, and rejuvenate the body.

Today people know more than 200 types of oils, the effectiveness of which is already fully proven from a scientific point of view. Doctors increasingly prescribe aromatherapy for the treatment of catarrh, colds and flu. As widely used in the cosmetics industry.

Essential oils are fragrant transparent mixture of volatile liquids. Extract these substances from natural materials of plant origin, by extraction, pressing and distillation. They can be both colorless and colored different pigments:

green tint is bergamot oil;

yellow is orange oil;

-dark brown shade has Jasmine oil;

red hue has thyme and chebreceve oil;

blue is oil with the addition of wormwood, yarrow and chamomile.

As mentioned above, in the people a few hundred known types of oils, but in everyday life they are not all but just a few dozen. Here we will consider:

-essential oil of tea tree;

-essential oil of ylang - ylang;

orange essential oil;

-lemon essential oil;

-essential oil of rosemary;

-essential oil of rose:

-essential oil of peppermint;

-lavender essential oil;

-essential oil patchouli and many other species.

Each of these tools has its own unique flavor, and naturally has its own healing properties. In connection with these is the following separation of essential oils:




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-relieves stress.

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