Esplanadna system reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer

In the world of scientists developed a large number of diets that involve different mechanisms for burning fat. It turns out that Esplanada diet is a great way of reducing the risk of developing tumors of the prostate gland. In addition, it will increase the life expectancy of men.

U.S. scientists have conducted several studies to examine the metabolism and the processes of nutrition and proved that the diet and its balance strongly influences the health of the male body. The data were confirmed after conducting experiments on laboratory mice. In particular, it was proved the fact that Esplanadna diet in some cases can be really useful.

The reason is the link between the growth of prostate cancer cells and insulin levels in the blood. More carbohydrates triggers the release of insulin into the bloodstream, which is an additional risk factor for developing cancer.

Scientists believe that this diet is one of the most effective. It reduces the risk of cancer, slows the growth of tumors. Thus, a change in diet can extend life.

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