Especially the removal of atheroma

Atheroma - a problem that often occurs in people not depending on sex and age. What is this atheroma? It's not a tumor and a cyst. She has the kind of bag that is filled with dense yellowish mass with an unpleasant odor.

Clinically, sebaceous cyst manifests its location on different parts of the body. Most often it is located on the face, scalp, arms, torso, the scrotum. Often atheroma is plural. When viewed atheroma looks rounded, soft to the touch, the size of 5-40 mm, the skin over the atheroma often neismanyma, but sometimes redness. Itself atheroma painless and movable with the surrounding tissues. It so happens that atheroma for many years remains small, and sometimes grows. It happens that atheroma is connected with the surface of the skin, and through the small holes can be separated atheromatous mass. Can also rupture of atheroma in the subcutaneous tissue, or may simply nagnaivatsya.

Sebaceous cyst refers to epithelial cysts of the skin, which are of several types, depending on their microscopic structure. Its clinical manifestations and treatment are the same.

Treatment of atheroma

One of the folk remedies of treatment of atheroma is mutton fat. It has to be melted, and cooled to a temperature that you can tolerate. Next, you need to RUB the fat into the sore spot.

If the atheroma small in size, and does not bother the patient, it can not be removed. In other cases, surgical intervention under local anesthesia with 1% solution novocaine or lidocaine.

There are several ways to remove the atheroma.

1. The incision is made on the convex place of atheroma. Its content is squeezed out on a napkin, and the capsule is gently removed with tweezers. Or just scrape the cyst cavity forceps.

2. Carefully cut the skin, so as not to damage the atheroma. Next, the skin postpone and enucleated atheroma, pressing his fingers to the wound.

3. More likely to use this type of removal. Made two adjacent slit, covering the hole cysts. Next, the edges of the skin incision take two clamps and fail under the atheroma. Thus atheroma enucleated. In this case the bleeding is minor. Then, the wound applied absorbable sutures. To prevent svorachivaniya skin edges, put a vertical mattress sutures, which are removed after 7 days.

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