Erection problems in men - causes and solutions

Men are always worried about erections. Erection displays the physical and psychological condition of the man. Erection problems can occur in the following cases: during illness, because of problems at work or in personal relationships, stress. Almost every man at least once in my life met with erectile dysfunction.

A perfectly healthy man may experience erectile problems after large doses of drug, alcohol, intake of any drugs, fatigue and tension. Many men there is an erroneous opinion erections, i.e. it is either not available or it is.

Make love you and with a weak erection. A young man can go through all the stages of arousal and achieve discharge even if his penis is not hard enough.

If erection problems are related to psychological factors, then it can be fixed quickly. Stress can greatly undermine erectile function Man should always keep at home and at work issues. This will help him not to delve into the problem.

Increase erection can be in other ways.

1. A douche. It helps to improve circulation and to train the vessels. All you need to do is pour the pelvic region alternately warm and cool water.

2. More likely to go barefoot. At the foot are points, which are responsible for sexual arousal. To stimulate these points often need to walk barefoot.

3. Morning sex. Definitely need to make this item in the mode of his day. About 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning the male hormones are produced in large quantities. It was at this time the erection is the most powerful.

4. Physical exercises. Erection depends on physical activity. They just need men to blood stagnation in the pelvic organs.

5. Regular sex. The human body responds to excitation reflex, so the more regularly will be the sex, the stronger erection.

There are physical reasons that affect the quality of erections. Most often they occur in diabetes mellitus, spinal cord or brain, prostate disease, nerve damage, circulatory disorders. It is only a small part of the reasons of erectile dysfunction. If some trouble occurs, need regular medical examination.

To prolong an erection you need to make in your daily diet the following foods: fish, poultry, baked potatoes, wheat bread, vegetable soups, greens, legumes, nuts, cabbage, carrots.

Erection problems can cause some diseases, so those who are faced with this problem it is recommended to consult a urologist.

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