Erectile dysfunction can be a consequence of atherosclerosis

Problems with erection can be linked to diseases of the cardiovascular system, according to scientists from the Johns Hopkins University. The study was surveyed in 1862 volunteer without diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Scientists were able to find the relationship between the development of atherosclerosis and eretile dysfunction, writes The Hindustan Times.

Besides the two main of the factors studied, the scientists took into account the habits of men, the level of cholesterol in the blood, the degree of obesity.

It turned out, the early stage of atherosclerosis increases the risk of developing problems with erections at 53%. About the running forms of the disease, scientists are not reported.

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Sexual life of a person is determined not only by its physical condition and age, but also the health of the cardiovascular system. Scientists advise more attentive to their way of life and adhere to the correct positions in the diet.

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