Epidemiologists discovered molecules against malaria

The group of experts on epidemiology discovered class of molecules active against Plasmodium malaria, says The Hindu. Drug helps with infection two common parasites: Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax. The drug acts on the new, more efficient level and very different activity from the old anti-malarial drugs.

The malaria parasite multiplies in red blood cells. When the concentration of the parasite in the cell reaches a peak, the cell is destroyed, and plasmodia enter the blood plasma. The process leads to a sharp increase of sodium in the blood cells. Pyrazoline - substances that break the natural cycle. Because of these molecules in plasmodia accumulates sodium, resulting in the parasite increases in volume and "bursts".

Scientists consider the situation when the immature parasite gets into the plasma, then it just will not be able to survive in the blood stream. The development of a drug is one of the key areas for epidemiologists. Today, there are only nine remedies for the treatment of malaria.

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