English Biobank opened to researchers from around the world

English Biobank, repository, which contains samples of various biomaterials and medical information about five hundred thousand people, recently opened access to all their data for scientists, reports Science Now.

In 2003 with the support of the medical research Council, as well as Fund the Wellcome Trust launched a project, the cost of which amounted to 62 million pounds. For the time period from 2006 to 2010 in this Biobank received medical data about each fifties citizen aged 40 to 69 years.

Rory Collins, occupying the position of the supervisor of UK Biobank, and part-time Professor of epidemiology at the University of Oxford says that the details of their Biobank will soon begin to enjoy many of the scientists and employees of pharmaceutical companies. The main idea of the Biobank is time to inform researchers of different fields of study which are the most common in our time of illness, for example, diabetes or cancer. Thus, they will be able to identify the correlation between the development of all the studied diseases and a large number of factors, concomitant diseases, including Smoking and other bad habits.

In English the Biobank is located on the preservation of samples of blood, urine, and saliva, as well as the results of numerous surveys, which include indicators such as hearing acuity, weight, blood pressure, growth, etc.

Data Biobank, which are provided only on condition of anonymity, will be available not only to English researchers, and scientists from other countries.

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