Engineers figured out how to prevent counterfeit drugs

British engineers from the company Sofmat and the University of Bradford has offered to print on each tablet barcode. However, the barcode will be able to recognize only machine, to man the bar code will be invisible, writes Xinhua.

This method should protect the company against counterfeiting almost 100%. Printing with the help of microscopic perforations will allow you to create small codes on each tablet. The doctor will be able to easily check the drug, taking samples from the received shipment.

Device for printing will be ready by November 2016. The estimated cost will be about £ 200.

To date, nearly 10% of all drugs in the pharmaceutical market is counterfeit. In Russia, the CIS countries, the rate may be higher in 2-3 times. Experts from the company Sofmat, other companies from China and Switzerland have already expressed interest in the development.

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