Energy-saving lamps are hazardous to health?

Energy-saving lamps represent a serious danger to human health. These are preliminary data of a study by American scientists, reports LiveScience.

Experts from the University at stony brook compared the effects on the skin radiation incandescent bulbs with radiation energy efficient light bulbs. With this purpose, an experiment was conducted, during which the cells were exposed to the radiation of both lamps.

The results showed that the radiation, which produces energy-saving light bulb, contains much more ultraviolet rays, which have harmful effects on the skin and can cause cancer. Cells that were irradiated with light from energy-saving light bulbs, were badly damaged, and the light from an ordinary light bulb cells are not injured.

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Manufacturers of lamps, saving energy, have already speak about the published results of researches of the American scientists. According to them, the level of ultraviolet radiation produced in the bulb does not exceed the permissible limit.

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