Energy drinks only acts caffeine

According to The Daily Mail, if the energy contain taurine, guarana, glucuronolactone, b vitamins and ginseng, it is considered that, by some magical effects on the brain, they increase efficiency. Journal of Nutrition Reviews inform about the latest research, according to which in fact they only have caffeine.

The scientists, headed by Dr. Holly Benjamin of the University of Chicago, conducted an analysis of dozens of reports that describe the effects produced by the ingredients of energy drinks containing caffeine and without it. Eventually they came to the conclusion that almost no ingredients work with, as they say, restorative properties. All due to the presence of caffeine (the amount is more than observed in other carbonated drinks indicator 14 times).

According to experts, the danger of power engineers is a high concentration of caffeine, which can cause seizures, diabetes, heart problems and behavior), causing you to gain weight (when portions from 10 to 270 calories). Categorical objection experts raises the possibility of using the power of children. For a child with suitable beverages recognized as milk, fruit juice or water.

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