Endometriosis - treatment folk remedies

Endometriosis occurs when the immune and hormonal imbalance in the female body, it is associated with the formation of nodes and the growth of tissue similar to the endometrium in structure and functions, inside the uterus and beyond. The localization of sites of endometriosis can be any of the pelvic organs and the organism as a whole.

The combination of inflammatory processes or fibroids in the body, endometriosis leads to female infertility. The disease can take peritoneal, cystic and rectovaginal form. Foci can be round or other shape, inside they contain hyaline or dark thick liquid.

In the days of menstruation in closed cavities is hemorrhage, which contributes to the dissemination of the contents of the cavities on healthy tissue and its destruction, or slyvania content out with the menstrual discharge. In each menstrual cycle endometroisis hearth applies to new healthy tissue forming around him adhesions and new nerve fibers, which leads to pain in the abdomen and lower back in the days of menstruation and during intercourse, menstrual disorders, bloating, constipation, infertility.

Treatment of endometriosis

The most effective method is considered laparoscopy is a surgical treatment involving complete removal of foci of endometriosis, or transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy. To again not have any endometriosis, treatment folk remedies and medications can be prescribed only by the attending physician.

For prevention of endometriosis apply ready-made herbal remedies or charges herbs.

Infusion: you will need the root of the coil, tormentil and calamus, shepherd's purse, nettle and knotweed in equal proportions by weight. It should be steamed collection (2 tbsp) boiling water (2 tablespoons) and boil for 5 minutes, then pour into the thermos and let stand for 2 hours. Before eating, take half a Cup three times a day for months, and then in 10 days, repeat the course.

Stinging nettle, bark viburnum, cucumber whips are used for decoctions, take beet juice 100 ml, apply hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches).

Infusion: upland uterus (grass) - 1 tablespoon pour half a liter of boiling water and left in the bath for up to 20 minutes. Filter and divide the infusion into three parts for the reception an hour before eating.

Tampons with propolis: mix crumbs propolis (10 grams), honey (100 g) and heated on a steam bath for 20 min to dissolve propolis. Filtered through cheesecloth and store in the refrigerator. Enter the vagina tampons with a mixture overnight.

It is useful to take baths with ozokerite, bischofite and with a decoction of sage, be applied on the abdomen clay pellet for 2 hours, cover with plastic wrap and a warm scarf.

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