Endometriosis: symptoms and treatment

Every third young woman suffering from endometriosis. This is quite a dangerous disease, and its consequences can be dire. If time is not treated, the disease can cause infertility.

Endometriosis is a benign process in the body, which grow tissues and cells of the endometrium immediately get accustomed to new places and begin to grow. When they get into the bladder, the woman begins to experience pain during urination. However, in many cases, the disease is not an effect for a long time, but in the body are formed adhesions, there is obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Symptoms of endometriosis can be a mental problem, tearfulness and irritability. Women with endometriosis often suffers from pain during intercourse, dizziness, profuse uterine bleeding.

To recognize the disease is possible by the following symptoms: severe pain in the lower abdomen, ending after the beginning of the critical days, pain during urination, reduced hemoglobin, presence of bleeding dark color, infertility. The most unpleasant thing is that the disease does not pass by itself, and needs to be treated, and until full recovery. If you stay at least one cell of this fabric, it will be able to generate dozens of similar cells. Stretching treatment, a woman gives alien cells to penetrate the vital organs and disrupt their work.

On account of endometriosis - dozens of complications, the worst of which is infertility. Many women often find out about it when the doctors are powerless to change anything. Today there are many methods of surgical and medical treatment of endometriosis, but universal therapy from the disease have not yet invented. In the early stages of endometriosis doctors prescribe immune and anti-inflammatory drugs, hormone therapy, electrocoagulation. The success of treatment depends on the health of the patient and the stage of pathology.

Abroad for the treatment of endometriosis successfully used an unusual technique. Through the cervix, the doctor injected a small probe with a mesh. During the procedure, agostiniani electrodes of the probe through the waves suck all unnecessary tissue lining of the uterus. In our country, this method of treatment of endometriosis is not practiced.

Why do I get this disease? There are many versions about why endometrial cells survive in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, abdomen and bladder, but not in the uterus. Scientists say that there is a genetic predisposition to endometriosis. The root causes can be psychological trauma and abortion. However, this disease manifests itself in different ways: in ten women symptoms of endometriosis can be quite different.

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