Endometriosis and pregnancy

One of the most popular gynecological disease is endometriosis. This disorder is associated with abnormalities of the immune system of the human body, and hormonal disruption. This disease overtakes often women who are well over forty. Often today, this disease can be found in young girls, which is expected by early pregnancy. In this case, the main role will be played by timely treatment of a disease such as endometriosis.

It so happens that endometriosis is no clear-cut symptoms. More symptoms on the basis of which you can define the disease. Such symptoms should include pain in the pelvis, but before the beginning of the menstrual cycle. In some cases, the discomfort is felt when having sex with your partner. As for pregnancy after suffering endometriosis, we can say that not all girls manage it so easy to do. All the matter in the absence of truth ovulation, even taking into account the fact that your period comes on time.

Meanwhile, the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant with endometriosis, interested in many women. Some experts compare endometriosis with infertility, but it is not. Becoming a mother is possible after treatment.

After the body recovers, you can start planning for the child. this can be done six months after the restoration of health. Pregnancy occurs after the disease is successfully eliminated. Another survey is worth a go, if after treatment has passed half a year, and the woman has not become pregnant.

The risk of miscarriage may occur if the pregnancy occurred at a time when she has endometriosis. But the disease does not affect the internal development of the fetus, so worrying about the wrong child development should not be.

If the disease is not pronounced and occurs without symptoms, doctors prescribe medication. In order once and for all get rid of this disease, it is necessary to take some hormones, as well as symptomatic. Doctor prescribed and anti-inflammatories.

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In order to prevent endometriosis every girl before pregnancy should undergo a full examination. This is especially true for those girls who are experiencing severe pain during menstruation.

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