Encoding from alcoholism: description and methods

Coding as a method of treatment emerged and began to develop in the 40s of XX century the method is based on versiona therapy (lat., aversion - aversion), which is an emotional and stressful impact on the psyche of the patient. The result will be negative reflex to the use of alcohol.

Encoding from alcoholism has two objectives: to suppress the patient's desire to drink and to prevent its occurrence in the future. In fact, this is not a complete cure from addiction, and is a way to abstain from alcohol for some time. And at this time you need to work with the actual causes of unhealthy cravings, usually psychological. In addition, after the encoding, the person needs regular preventive and supportive family.

Coding methods for alcoholism are divided into two groups: medication and psychotherapy. If encoding is performed for the first time, it is recommended to start with psychotherapy.

Medical coding involves the use of chemicals and complete cessation of alcohol consumption. In case of violation of this prohibition may be negative consequences for the organism. Therefore, this treatment is best done in specialized clinics, under the constant supervision of a doctor.

In the psychotherapeutic treatment of alcohol dependence is most often used technique is the anchor of hypnosis. During the session, the psychiatrist gives the patient a negative reflex to the use of alcohol. Best of all, this method works during the emotional turmoil of a man. It is therefore considered that the best time to encode is the period when a person feels deep remorse for his actions, committed in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Psychotherapeutic coding for alcohol dependence need to carry out by a qualified technician. Therefore it is better to go to a recommended doctor or to have recourse to help doctors and clinics. Therapy is conducted by an Amateur, in the best case just won't work.

Before applying any of these methods of coding from alcoholism, the patient should abstain from alcohol at least five days.

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It should also be noted that the encoding from alcoholism is not a panacea and will not work "forcibly". The patient should be aware of the need for treatment and to have the desire to quit drinking. If a man is determined to stop, the encoding will be effective.

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