Emotions harm the process of weight loss

The key factor of a person who wants to lose weight, are his emotions. Thus, people are not able to control your own emotions, you will have problems with weight loss, writes The Times of India. This is not a mere statement, but the results of a survey of nearly 1,300 psychologists who work with patients suffering from excess weight.

44% of the interviewed experts stated that the patient must understand and regulate their emotions and behavior that are associated with control of their weight. The hardest thing is not to get rid of excess weight, and to fix the result.

In this case, psychologists use the methods of cognitive behavioral therapy, the aim of which is precisely the struggle with emotional obstacles. People tend to stir up negative emotions and thoughts, which leads to unhealthy behavior. The aim of therapy is to install the control of behavior and emotions.

Psychologists also said that in 43 cases out of 100 patients observed emotional overeating. The other 43% of patients are unable to regularly attend trainings and 28% of patients are unable to pick up a healthy diet of foods that help to reduce excess weight.

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280 specialists in the field of psychology has admitted that their patients have hidden problems associated with the emotions that they have to solve. And more than 70 percent admitted cognitive therapy and mindfulness to his own person the best strategy to aid in weight reduction.

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