Emotional abuse in childhood leads to insomnia in the elderly

People who have experienced parental violence in childhood, has all chances to deal with insomnia in the elderly. These findings were published in the American journal "Gerontology".

Scientists conducted an analysis of 900 people aged 60 years and older who reported emotional abuse in childhood by parents. It is important that it is not physical abuse, and emotional neglect in childhood, did not allow a good night's sleep in old age.

Negative early experience continues to influence our state decades later, through the accumulation of stressful interpersonal relationships throughout our lives. Emotional trauma may limit a person's ability to adapt and successfully navigate the social world, " said Cecilia Pun, lead author of the study.

Data were taken from the National survey USA, in 1995, about 3,500 adults answered questions about their childhood. Ten years later, they were asked additional questions about sleep, relations in society and feelings of emotional exhaustion. The study Cecilia Pun based on responses from people aged 60 years and older.

In the second stage of the survey, participants were asked how often during the previous 30 days they had noted problems with falling asleep, waking during the night with difficulty falling asleep after, the feeling of tiredness during the day regardless of the timing of sleep.

Emotional abuse was assessed by responses how often their mother and father insulted or swore at them, the reaction when the quarrel was sullen and refused to talk with them, went from the room, did or said something in the heat of a quarrel, threatened to hit them, or broke something in anger.

The same study showed that emotional abuse in childhood also had a negative impact on social relationships in adulthood. Cecilia Pun suggested that emotional abuse in childhood violates the architectonics of social relationships in adulthood, which leads to chronic stress and disrupts sleep quality.

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