Emotion is a major cause of premature aging among women

Scientists have found why some women keep a good appearance to old age, and some fade quickly and looks much older than his years. It is known that the main marker of biological aging is the length of telomeres, the end parts of chromosomes. Telomeres during aging are reduced in size, resulting in a natural old age.

The study was able to link biological aging and psychological factors influencing women. It turned out the emotions and the psychological situation - the two main causes early onset of old age.

The data were confirmed in the experiment involving 97 girls aged 10 to 14 years. Scientists have measured the telomere length of all participants and compared the psychological background of the surrounding people. In most cases, hidden forms of depression and depressed mood was reflected in the decrease in telomere length.

Of course, one favorable psychological climate is not enough to slow down the aging process. Mandatory physical exercise and proper nutrition. However, a good atmosphere sets the body in a healthy way and helps to keep the nervous system.

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