Elon Musk said about the danger of artificial intelligence

The world is waiting for the appearance of "immortal dictator", created artificial intelligence, said the head of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk in the documentary "do you Trust this computer".

The businessman is sure that the active development of artificial intelligence will eventually lead to its management of global processes.

According to the Mask, the favorable development expects the world community if artificial intelligence is democratized. Since the opposite prediction, which includes development of a small group of digital superintelligence, will allow authors to conquer the planet.

Musk also noted that the dictator in the face of a man subject to death, at a time like an artificial mind can live forever. Thus, says the entrepreneur, lack of technology inherent in the person of ethical standards, allows for the destruction of mankind, which at some point will be an obstacle to the goal.

Earlier, the world media reported about the performance of the Mask at the festival SXSW, where he predicted the advent of the "new dark ages" of the human race.

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