Eleven-year-old boy died in Norway from H1N1 virus

In the Norwegian County of Telemark from swine flu died eleven-year-old boy. His illness lasted for 2 weeks, after which he was transported from the local clinic in one of the hospitals in Oslo.

Metropolitan doctors confirmed the presence of the boy, the so-called swine flu, which was caused by the H1N1 virus. Currently, all immediate surroundings of the boy that he could be a contact, is under the scrutiny of doctors.

No additional and more detailed information concerning the case no. Several of the boys, who studied with him in the same class, also sick with the flu, but in a lighter form.

Swine flu caused by H1N1 virus, its symptoms resembles ordinary seasonal flu. The Department of health believe that this winter the number of cases of influenza infection will increase. In the past year 10% of the population had the flu in winter.

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Every year, the flu causes death almost 900 people, most of whom are elderly.

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