Elevated levels of chlorine in the cells of an organism of the child is one of the causes of autism

Autism is a disease of the nervous system, which originates in childhood. The child becomes withdrawn, uncommunicative and uncooperative.

French scientists have proven that a high level of chlorine inside cells leads to the development of autism. Information was published in the journal Science. Data scientists obtained during the study of hormonal and brain activity in mice, part of which was found a kind of autism.

Gamma aminomalonate acid works as a mediator brake. Elevated levels of chlorine prevents the connection to perform its basic function. As a result of impaired communication between neurons in the brain and there are conditions for the development of autism.

Scientists have high hopes for the development of means to prevent the development of disease. They believe that the discovery will bring them a step closer to solving the mystery of autism and help him to win.

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