Elena Mizulina: surrogate motherhood should be likened to child trafficking

MP proposes to equate surrogacy to human trafficking. Elena Mizulina is known for its original proposals in the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Now we are talking about the edits to article 127.1 of the criminal code "human Trafficking". If the changes take effect, then the surrogate mother will become a victim of crime, and the organizer of the action will receive up to ten years of imprisonment.

"Often they are sucked into this "business" threats, coercion and blackmail. This shadow market has long ago turned into an entire industry. A complete ban of surrogacy is not required as in some cases is the only opportunity for the couple to have a baby. We call for control of the commercial part of it. In Russia, this phenomenon has become extremely commercialized. In addition, once in Europe started actively using the services of surrogate mothers, there immediately arose the criminal group, Hungary, Moldova, great Britain, which had been recruiting surrogate mothers. It is unacceptable that in Russia, these processes were ignored. Main income still goes into the pocket of third parties who care about their own profits", says Mizulina.

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