Elementary school makes kids fat

The children are doing in primary school, begin to rapidly gain weight. This is indicated by the results of scientific work carried out by specialists from the UK. They noticed that even children with normal body weight by the end of primary school are at high risk of obesity, and it has its own reasons.

Apparently, the school increases the availability of harmful products. Small children should be protected from chips and other fatty foods. In school to do it does not always work. Moreover, some school canteens with healthy foods spread out that small children simply cannot.

The second factor is lack of physical activity. To school years, most children do a lot of Jogging and walking. Admission to primary school, the situation changes dramatically. Now most of the day sitting at a Desk, and a couple of physical education classes per week do not change a situation.

Obesity is a very serious problem, which concerned physicians from all over the world. Now the extra weight is in second place among the causes of cancer. Powerful obesity the cancer affects only the Smoking.

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