Electronic "tattoo" will supervise the activity of the brain

The device, whose thickness is several micrometers, is a kind of stickers on the skin, which monitors the waves of brain activity and sends the obtained data to a special gadget for their interpretation and control. The latest development has recently been presented by scientists from the University of California at San Diego. This electronic "tattoo" is equipped with various sensors that are able to cover a wide range of brain waves.

The said device has already been tested on volunteers, during testing, which scientists have proposed to count the number of times of repetition of the displayed images. Electronic "tattoo" every time very sensitively recorded bursts of signals R that experiment participants noted the repetition of the picture.

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In the future plans of the scientists is to modify the electronic "tattoo" to ensure that it has identified brain waves to control a prosthesis, or tracked minimal changes in the activity of neurons in order to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. Invaluable device and also during pregnancy. If electronic "tattoo" to paste on the stomach, it will warn about future fights, and additionally, the gadget is able to monitor the heartbeat of the fetus.

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