Electronic gadgets become a cause of low student achievement

Large scale survey conducted among 900 000 students fifty countries found that teenagers do not have a normal rest from various electronic gadgets. The most common of them are computers and mobile phones. All participants of the research were tested on math, literature and other subjects. The low level of academic achievement among adolescents due to the fact that they don't sleep because of the mentioned electronic devices.

The study found that the most deprived of sleep teenagers New Zealand, Australia, France, England, Ireland, Australia and Saudi Arabia, according to the Internet portal of the bbc.co.uk. Because of the chronic lack of sleep students do not learn, make mistakes in the task at hand, and can't concentrate.

According to the researchers, one should not underestimate the value and impact of sleep. Data show that in those countries where children are on average more sleep, their performance is higher. The performance of students in different disciplines is also high.

Sleep deprivation makes students emotionally unstable. By the way, the study found that as soon as the teenager begins very properly referred to the learning problems will solve themselves.

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