Electronic cigarettes increase aggression bacteria nose and throat

Scientists from the University of California found that electronic cigarettes increases the risk of superbugs that live in the mouth and nose of the smoker. Data published by The Daily Mail.

During e-cigarette-Smoking man inhales a mixture of vapor, nicotine, and flavorings. Pairs increases the toxicity of bacteria, nicotine reduces the barrier properties of the body, allowing more to breed Golden Staphylococcus. In some cases, Smoking electronic cigarettes may cause serious consequences.

Scientists often focus their attention on the dangers of electronic cigarettes, while producers of products insist that their product helps people quit Smoking by replacing tobacco smoke, which is more secure.

Note, electronic cigarettes have become a favorite for teenagers pleasant taste, but even paired with nicotine contained carcinogenic products. Electronic counterparts - not pharmaceutical drugs, then this product may not be listed. China, the main source of electronic cigarettes, recognizes the lack of regulation of this market.

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