Electronic cigarettes in Russia equated to conventional cigarettes

Will soon enter into force restrictions on Smoking electronic cigarettes in public places. This type of device is distracting from the anti-Smoking concept, but the Director of the Department of public health & communications Ministry of health of Russia Oleg Salagay plans to fix it.

"We expect that before year-end will publish for public comment a draft of this concept," said Salagay. At the moment the restriction of Smoking in public places was the most effective measure in the fight against Smoking. According to statistics, since 2009, people began to consume 25% less tobacco. Currently Smoking adults about one third, whereas 10 years ago every second adult smoked cigarettes.

Experts pay attention and to statements by international scientists. In some studies referred to the unambiguous harm from electronic cigarettes. Danger incorrect use of the device, exhibiting high capacity in which the Smoking mixture is heated too strongly. This leads to the formation of toxic substances and their penetration into the lungs.

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