Electronic cigarettes cause lung cancer

A clear relationship between the use of e-cigarettes and risk of lung cancer, reports "ridus".

Discussion on the safety of wapow being the first year. Supporters of electronic cigarettes believe that fancy gadgets for Smoking are safer than conventional cigarettes. But opponents of electronic cigarettes now there is a strong argument confirming the fact that wapi not guarantee a reduced likelihood of developing cancer.

As a result of Smoking electronic cigarettes the chemical compounds that trigger neoplastic processes, are retained in the lungs and accumulate. Studies have shown that all of the 12 smokers participating in the experiment, the concentration of aldehydes in exhaled after Smoking the air increased 10.5-fold compared to its initial content. Another finding, which the experts have confirmed that Smoking electronic cigarettes a big part of the formaldehyde is deposited in the respiratory system of man.

In experiments on mice, scientists managed to prove the devastating effects of wapow on the liver. As it turned out, the use of electronic cigarettes leads to its fat disease. The reason for this is nicotine, which hit in the human body after Smoking wapow, contrary to prior belief, now is not questioned.

Mice lacking the gene apolipoprotein E, which is responsible for the tendency to the accumulation of fatty tissue in the liver and the development of cardiac diseases, was investigated for 12 weeks. Their diet consisted of foods rich in cholesterol and fats. Part of the laboratory animals were exposed to e-cigarettes, which increased the dose of nicotine in their blood to the level of the smoker. Another group of mice was the control. The study of the genomes of liver samples of all animals showed that the mice of the first group, there were changes in the 433 genes responsible for the development of fatty liver. The violation was discovered and the genes responsible for circadian rhythms, leading to accelerated liver disease, including obesity.

These studies have confirmed that electronic cigarettes are not a safe alternative and can be positioned as a more "healthy" way of Smoking.

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