Electronic cigarettes can destroy the structure of DNA

Today, gaining a lot of popularity VAPI and electronic cigarette. They help people to get rid of bad habits. However, doctors and scientists every day there are more questions to these devices.

Electronic cigarette can lead to adverse consequences that are associated with DNA. Most of these changes relate to mouth cancer. It is reported Inverse.com. Acrolein, formaldehyde, methylglyoxal, and other items contained in the vapour electronic cigarettes. These substances damage the DNA. Causing cancer of the oral cavity.

Recent studies have shown that cells of the oral cavity observed damage to the structure of DNA. These conclusions were made following analysis of the saliva, which was examined in volunteers using on a regular basis an electronic cigarette or vaping. Experts say that 90% of the participants in the experiment observed high levels of substances such as acrolein, formaldehyde and methylglyoxal.

Acrolein and formaldehyde is quite toxic substances. However, methylglyoxal is considered a safe substance. It even has the ability to destroy cancer cells. Therefore, scientists have not yet made a final conclusion: harmful if actually e cigarette or vaping.

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