Electronic cigarettes are more dangerous than

Nicotine is found in many plants, such as potatoes, eggplant, green pepper. But especially large concentration contained in the tobacco. Being a strong neurotoxin and cardiotoxin, it has a destructive effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system, besides causing severe physical and psychological dependence, turning Smoking into the habit, which sometimes requires medical intervention. Long-term Smoking leads to the development of ischemia, angina, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia and heart failure. Moreover, the carcinogens contained in cigarettes increase the risk of developing cancer of the lung and larynx.

The electronic cigarette was developed relatively recently as a means to a more secure area, which will help to reduce cigarette consumption and to reduce the risk of diseases from them. This study refutes the fact that electronic cigarette deals less damage than normal. It's all in carcinogenic compounds in electronic similar enough, writes The Daily Mail, citing research by French scientists.

It was tested ten models of electronic cigarettes of different companies. 30% of the models the formaldehyde level was the same as in an ordinary cigarette, and the content of acrolein with devastating effect, exceeded all standards.

Criticism and electronic cigarettes. Many of them had no protection from children, and the nicotine in them were in liquid form. Such doses when injected into the oral cavity of the child are deadly.

The first electronic cigarette was invented in China 10 years ago. Since people are switching to electronic cigarettes, not knowing that receive at least a portion of the harm. Now, many developed countries are talking about banning the use of electronic analogues cigarettes in public places. Many believe that it is necessary to control the sale of electronic cigarettes properly, along with regular cigarettes, applying all the rigor of the law.

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