Electronic cigarette pros and cons

Smoking is a very common problem in our society. Today-cigarette can be found not only an adult, but a beautiful girl or student. No doubt that regular cigarettes have a negative impact on health and entail severe consequences. Quite actively in the discussion about electronic cigarettes. So whether they are harmful, as usual, can they replace them and what is the impact on health? As each situation, there are two sides here that talk about the pros and cons of e-cigarettes, and each has strong arguments on this issue.

The pros of electronic cigarettes

A significant advantage of this product over conventional cigarettes is a significant reduction in the number contained in tobacco toxins, tar and other substances that enter the body. It is provided a cigarette package, which includes several replacement cartridges.

Electronic cigarettes do not cause others harm - this is the second positive feature. The device works without the formation of smoke, respectively excluding the effect of passive Smoking because of what they can be used anywhere. Outwardly Smoking is manifested by the formation of a light vapor that does not contain hydrogen cyanide, methane and other harmful substances. This feature has led to the fact that in some countries, electronic cigarettes allow you to smoke in public places, cafes, cinemas, trains, airplanes.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is much nicer than the use of conventional and more enjoyable. They scented, soft, light, so you can compare them with the hookah. No smoke prevents irritation of the respiratory tract. In addition, do not feel bitter, as in the case of a normal cigarette.

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If supporters of the use of electronic cigarettes find in it the positive side, the opponents of the same factors considered negative, inducing their arguments.

First, it is unlikely to reduce the amount of nicotine in the body. As a rule, the man throws a cigarette, when there is a cigarette butt. Electronic can smoke longer, because in that state it does not reach. Opponents are also less resolution on Smoking in public places, because they refuse to believe that it does not affect others.

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Thus, the electronic cigarette has some differences from the usual. And all the "pros" and "against" depend on the busy man position.

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