Electronic cigarette - let's see what's inside

So what is, what it consists of and how does electronic cigarette - this question is probably asked yourself many, who first faced with this device. Let's look at it more.

As the device is designed based on a modular system, electronic cigarette consists of four main parts, fastened together by means of a threaded connection. If necessary, they can be very easily detached from each other. Ready-to-use electronic cigarette is virtually no different from the traditional cigarette. The difference is appreciable only in weight.

So, the considered components. This lithium ion battery, a microchip, an evaporator-atomizer and nicotine cartridge. The data blocks that make up the electronic cigarette in more detail as follows.

Battery with led that simulates a lighted cigarette, produces power the entire device. This is a common lithium battery under charging from the mains alternating current, the car battery through the USB connector from the computer.

The microchip is the center of electronic cigarettes. Here is the air pressure sensor and the atomizer. Board microchip contains the program management process area. The pressure sensor detects the movement of air when inhaling.

The cartridge is a capsule, in appearance resembling a cigarette filter containing liquid glycerin or propylene glycol, fragrance-free and a certain amount of the pure nicotine. The nicotine content of the cartridges are divided into four types:

HIGH - high maintenance

MEDIUM - medium content

LIGHT - low

NO - nicotine -

Evaporator-atomizer - electronic device (ultrasonic generator) with a heating element. He vaporizes coming from the cartridge liquid and generates from it steam, temperature and appearance just like a normal cigarette smoke. It is vapor and not smoke forms electronic cigarette, than it differs from classic cigarettes! The generated pairs consists only of the moisture of air and vapors of propylene glycol or glycerol). No solid particles and tar, no carcinogens!

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Therefore will not be superfluous to remind once again that the electronic cigarette is a safe way of Smoking, practically not harmful neither to the smoker or his entourage.

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