Electric current small force will add to the attractiveness man

Scientists from the California Institute of technology have developed a technique that will give a better look in the eyes of your partner or partner. For this purpose it is necessary only to miss a weak electric current through a key area of the brain, and then the person starts to look better than it looked before. Although this transformation can last very long: just a few minutes.

A specially crafted device receives power from a battery 9 volts. It sends through the brain of a person with a small electric current: 2 mA. This is enough to ensure that the person has acquired more appealing. According to the developer of this device, biomedical engineer Vikram Chiba, man nothing feels, and it's not like shock therapy. It should be noted that the author of the study more than once experienced my device for yourself. A more detailed study is published in the journal Translational psychiatry.

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His study of California scientists have proved the existence of coherence between the activity of brain neurons and human behavior. Thus, it will be possible to modify brain activity, and then observe the changes in human behavior. In addition, this research work showed once again how vulnerable the human brain, if 2 milliampere can already produce a visible effect. The study's author believes that even a small imbalance in brain chemistry can cause serious consequences.

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