Eight of the most mysterious diseases of modernity

Experts have compiled top most incomprehensible and mysterious diseases in store for the modern man. The difficulty is that doctors do not yet have a complete picture of data about these diseases, and then cure them.

Leading the list of diseases AIDS. Although it is science learned 25 years ago, the treatment that would be 100% effective for this disease has not been found yet. Followed by schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease. Although psychiatrists know about schizophrenia for several centuries, they are still looking for the cause and quality therapy for patients who confuse fiction and reality.

Alzheimer's disease is no less incomprehensible. It manifests itself in each patient differently, and the symptoms of it appear visibly when cure of the patient is impossible. On finding a cure for this disease unsuccessfully scientists all over the world. Another mysterious illness striking in its simplicity. Banal cold, which many do not even go to the hospital, comes and leaves us with an enviable constancy. From this disease cannot be removed forever, and in its incomprehensibility. It's another thing avian influenza. The high mortality rate of 50% should force people to be more careful. The disease is transmitted through contact with infected birds. Unusual "disease Peak", for unexplained reasons, causes patients have mud, clay, glue, paper. How to treat a mysterious disease medicine could not yet say. Seventh place in the list is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain cortex, basal ganglia and spinal cord, called the disease of Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease. Used in such cases, classical antiviral agents are ineffective here. No help from this disease nor passive immunization or vaccination. At the eighth step is chronic fatigue syndrome, which is increasingly gaining momentum among the inhabitants of civilized countries. People diagnosed with CFS, are in a state of prolonged fatigue, which may not resolve even a long vacation.

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