Egypt found in the tomb of the unknown Pharaoh

In Abydos American archaeologists during excavations found a new burial. In the tomb were found the texts that indicate that 3.7 thousand years ago in this place buried Pharaoh Seneca. The area is located at a distance of about 450 km from Cairo.

That in this place buried an important person, tell found in the tomb texts. Scientists have read in the Royal cartouche - roll, where were placed the data and the name of the Pharaoh Seneca.

Made a unique discovery archaeologists of the University of Pennsylvania. It has allowed scientists to conclude that, most likely arisen from the fact that Egypt was completely conquered by the Hyksos was wrong. And that evidence - unknown tomb in Abydos.

The representative of the Ministry, which focuses on the Affairs of Egyptian antiquities, said that the Royal family who lived in Abydos and possibly founded by Seabream, was by birth an Egyptian and hexoses not obeyed.

Archaeologists also was detected 3.7 millenary skeleton of Pharaoh. They found out that during the life of the Egyptian ruler had a pretty impressive growth of 185 centimeters.

Earlier archaeologists determined the age of the tomb, which was discovered in Egypt about a year ago. She was old bedchamber for Sobekhotep I, founder of the thirteenth dynasty of Egypt. He ruled 3,8 thousand years ago.

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