Eggs will save you from itching

Constantly want to sleep at work? Just start eating eggs, especially whites, they will help you to stay awake and get rid of the sleepiness.

Researchers from Cambridge University have discovered that the protein in eggs is more effective than carbohydrates chocolates, biscuits and sweets, which are often used to quickly replenish the energy.

When consuming protein from eggs in the brain are activated cells that produce stimulator orexin. However, sugar can block properties orexin.

So if in the morning you have a choice of what to eat for Breakfast - toast with jam or a sandwich with egg - feel free to choose the second. You will not only feel fresh, but gets better in the waist.

Dr. Denis Burdakov notes that to be able to rational way to set your brain on the desired activity is undoubtedly one of the most useful.

Also recently, scientists from the British nutrition found that cholesterol from eggs has minimal impact on the increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The main culprit for the increase of cholesterol in the body are saturated fats and lack of fisiche their exercise, but not the cholesterol contained in eggs.

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